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Chairman's Message

Welcome to the website of Mongla Port Authority and sincere thanks for your interest regarding our Port. Keeping pace with the rapid economic growth of the country the port is drawing attraction of the govt, businessman and all other stake holders of the country. Furthermore, the construction of Padma Bridge by 2018 is likely to multiply the importance and activities of the port to a large extent. In such circumstances, the port is going to carry out a major role in the trade and commerce activities of the country, particularly in the south and south west part of the country.

Taking the above factors into consideration, we are taking every possible steps to bear the forthcoming responsibilities. We have undertaken a huge project of dredging in order to increase the navigability of the channel to have a permissible draft of 7.5 meter upto the Jetty.

A number of cargo handling equipment have already been procured and procurement of a large no of equipment are underway including a hundred ton capacity mobile crane , three straddle carriers , heavy duty forklifts etc costing an amount of taka 100 crore or 1000 million(approx). The project is scheduled to be completed by 2015. Upon implementation of the project, the cargo handling capacity will be dramatically increased.

The automation of the port is also underway, which would accelerate the billing system, custom and bank formalities for the users and thereby encouraging them to use the port for their business activities.

Given the fact that Govt wishes to see Bangladesh as a middle income country by 2021, the Mongla Port has to increase its capability to synchronize with the goal of the govt. Therefore, the port has set an objective to handle 1000 ships per year by 2021. Capability enhancement of the port is accordingly in progress.

I feel humbled to urge and support all the stakeholders to use the port for their business and giving you an assurance that we shall try to provide you modern facilities as maximum as possible. Using this port for your business purpose will not only vibrate this part of the country, it would also mean a magnificent contribution to the economic development of the nation.

We also request that, if you have any suggestion or complain, submit it in the complain/suggestion menu of our website and we shall take all these into consideration.


History suggests that the maritime trade had greater interaction in this area and over the centuries, sub-continental coastlines have provided natural ports of call to the distant traders of the South East Asia and West Asia.

The liberation of Bengali trade by the effective Mogul conquest of riverine Bengal also helped to strengthen shipping from Calcutta/ Mongla/ Chalna/ Chittagong to the littoral ports of the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. Emperor Akbar established an imperial naval department called Nawara and appointed Amirul Bahar to look after the riverine navigation with a view to increasing trade and commerce with in the empire. Even at that time this part of Bengal was famous for excellence in the art of navigation and the Nawara used to buy ships and boats made of Sundari. British, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Arakanese came across a flourishing trading system in South Asia, which linked the business centres of East Bengal with Kolkata/Calcutta through the river routes of Mongla and the Sunderban.

The Arakanese (Maghs) Pirates, the Ferringhees (Portuguese), Dutch and English renegades begun systematic piracy and robbery in the Sundarban area. With some small and light galleys they did nothing but coast about that sea, and entering into Sunderban through the rivers like Marjjal (now known as Zulfiquar channel),.


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