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Other Information:
  • Handling Capacity: At present port is handling about 1.6 million tons of cargo. The Annual handling capacity is 6.5 million tons.
  • Repair Minor repairs of ships can be arranged through Khulna Shipyard and other Private Workshops Dockyards.
  • Stevedores: Efficient stevedores are available.
  • Aiport: Jessore Airport is 114 km. from Mongla Port. Khan Jahan Ali Airport (Under construction) is 20 km. away from the Port.
  • Mongla Export Processing Zone (MEPZ) is located beside the port Area.
  • Hinterland Transporation: Port is connected with the hinterland by Road & River.

Why should you select Mongla Port for business?

  • The Port is surrounded as well as well protected by the mangrove forest Sundarban and free from all types of congestion of ships and cargo.
  • River and road transport facilities available comparatively at lower cost from Mongla port to all over the remote places of the country.
  • Constraint free large channel available for anchorage and loading/unloading facilities on both sides for 33 ships at a time.
  • Due to construction of Khanjahan Ali as well as Lalonshah bridge, good transport connection system has been developed from Mongla Port to all the hinterland of North Bengal.
  • Unique opportunity for Dhaka-Mongla-Dhaka transportation only within 4.30 (four & half) hours time by  Dhaka-Maowa Road, inspite of a ferry service on the way.
  • As there is no by-crossing, the goods can be transported easily without any constraint by inland coaster/barge from Mongla port.
  • Up to 225meter long ship can enter into the port for discharging cargo.
  • No constraints in berth and less turn-around time.
  • In compare with Chittagong Port, the Landing charge, Shipping charge and River dues are lower in Mongla port.
  • 15 days free time available in case of handling empty container(Import).
  • The port is open for 24 hours.
  • Huge infrastructural facilities available for storage of both specialised and General cargo.
  • Handling & parking facilities of motor vehicles available.
  • There is no threat of strike in Mongla Port Authority.
  • Good service available from Administration and Operation Div. of Mongla.

Mongla Port Authority

Mongla, Bagerhat.

Sub:-The future prospect and  potentiality of Mongla Port especially

after completion of the Padma bridge.

Mongla Port is one of the Sea Ports of Bangladesh and is the most eco-friendly port. It is situated on the south-western part of the country at the confluence of Pussur River and Mongla Nulla approximately 71 nautical miles upstream of the Bay of Bengal. The port is well protected by the largest mangrove forest Sunderbans.

Mongla Port is basically a service-oriented organization. The Port provides facilities and services to the international shipping lines and other concerned agencies with shore based facilities like jetties, godowns, cargo handling equipment and maintaining adequate water depth in the channel. Mongla Port has the capacity to handle 6.5 million M. tons of cargo and 50,000 TEUS of container per year. In the year 2009-10,  1.65 million M. tons of cargo and 20,500 TEUS of container were handled. The present capacity of this port is not fully   utilised.

In our country, most of the industries are located in and around Dhaka-Chittagong. The business community of Dhaka and its surrounding areas is less interested to import and export their cargo through Mongla Port for lack of fair road communication and bridge connection. The present government has given emphasis for the development of Mongla Port and the Govt. has decided to construct the Padma bridge at Mawa point. If Padma bridge at Mawa point is constructed, the distance from Dhaka to Mongla through Mawa is only 170 Km. whereas the distance from Dhaka to Chittagong is about 260 km. So, the business community of Dhaka and its surrounding areas will be more interested to use Mongla Port for importing & exporting cargos as the transportation distance from Dhaka to Mongla will be shorter than Dhaka to Chittagong after the construction of Padma Bridge. 

Time and transportation cost of exporting & importing cargo through Mongla Port will be more economic and comparatively less. Cargo handling congestion in chittangong Port will be decrease if the cargo handling capacity of Mongla Port is utilized fully. At present, Jute & jute goods, Frozen cargo and other general cargoes are normally exported from Mongla port. After commissioning of the Padma bridge at Mawa point, there will create a bright prospect in exporting garments, tea and lather etc. through Mongla Port. Moreover, import of heavy machinery & equipments, fertilizer, food grain, sugar, motor vehicles, raw materials of industry etc. through Mongla Port will increase with respect to the present rate. As a matter of consequence, the act of establishing different types of new industries in the south-western part of the country, scope of huge employment, expansion of trade & business and overall activities of Mongla Port will increase and develop rapidly. So, there will create a mobility in economic development of the country through the increase of revenue income of Mongla Port.

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